Tampa Bay Businesses Seeking Drivers

Tampa Bay Businesses Seeking Drivers

Tampa Bay Businesses Seeking Drivers

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If your boss is driving you crazy, you might be thinking of finding a new job. You might consider driving for self-employment income. It has the benefit of being work you can do outside of work hours to see if you should pursue it full-time. There are many Tampa Bay businesses who are looking for drivers who will work as self-employed individuals. These four types of jobs will open up the road to your self-employed spirit.

Delivery Drivers

You might be thinking you’re too old to work as a pizza delivery driver, but there are places that you can work that aren’t your traditional delivery driver positions. Sites like Monster, Indeed and Jobs.com have delivery driver jobs that don’t require you to be an employee. Amazon is getting in on the action too. With their promises of delivering items quick, Amazon has delivery jobs for local drivers through Amazon Flex. They promise $18 to $25 per hour for deliveries.


As a courier, you’re delivering packages from one location to another. Many companies have the need for this service from lawyers to realtors. You have the option of working for yourself and garnering your own customers or working as an independent contractor with a larger company. They both have their pitfalls. If you work for yourself, you are responsible for all your advertising and marketing to find businesses in need of your services. When working for someone else, you’re at the whim of their policies and procedures. You can check out Courier Express to become an independent contractor.

Uber or Lyft Driver

There’s been much on the news about these two ridesharing companies. Independent workers use their own vehicles to pick up and drop off passengers. They are paid by the company for this service. The company bills the riders and transfers payments to the driver. There are some rules in place for this service. Drivers have to have a great driving record, have been driving for at least 3 years and have a vehicle that is newer than 2001 depending on the city.

Moving Billboards

While this isn’t a job by itself, people who drive a lot for work or take one of the jobs above, they can become a moving billboard. There are plenty of businesses in the Tampa area willing to pay drivers to carry signs on their cars in exchange for money or gas cards. If you’re doing a ton of driving each month, wearing a billboard on your car or truck can help you pay for the gas involved. You’re essentially renting out ad space on your car. The business will supply the magnetic signs to stick to your vehicle.

If you have a car and love to drive, one of these driving jobs might be right for you. You can set your own hours. In the case of Uber and Lyft, driving people after work or on weekends are the peak hours for making money. You may decide you love it so much that you’d be willing to quit your current job.

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